Car Door

I really needed to get my running shorts out of my car. My favorite pair would be trapped somewhere in that portable closet.

The day is so nice. Maybe if I run out to my car really quick I can let Mattis out and see how he does. If he does decided to run away the weather isn’t horrible. I wouldn’t mind trying to chase him down.

**Oh man. Is that really a risk you’re willing to take? Are you REALLY wanting to chase him down? You have a 50/50 chance he will book it…

My car is literally 10 steps from my front door. I can trust him. Sure, we have our trust issues but today he will be good. I can feel it.

**Just prepare to run. Maybe grab a handful of cheerios. You know, as a lure to coax him back over.

Homeboy is sitting by the front door looking a little too eager.

**I swear he knows I’m going to let him out without a leash.

Mattis, don’t fail me. Let’s go over this.

  1. Don’t run
  2. Don’t chase after leaves
  3. Cars will hurt you
  4. Don’t poop because I don’t want to bring a poop bag
  5. Don’t run into people’s houses who have their door open (It has happened)
  6. Don’t run
  7. I will end you if you run
  8. Don’t think about running
  9. TWO seconds of obedience is all I ask
  10. Please, help me out by making me look like I’ve actually taught you something

*Deep breath and TRUST your dog.

The second I open the door he lays down immediately.

Mattis, what are you doing? Do you want your leash?

**I think he may be warning me that he can’t quite handle the freedom of being out front without his leash. It’s fine. Just trust him. You’re wrong about half of the things he tries to tell you anyways.

I stepped outside and motioned him to come on with my hand.

He rises up in slow motion like a big chocolate majestic beast that has been caged his whole life who has been granted his wings for freedom after many decades in a dark cave beneath the ocean somewhere…

**You effed up. You effed up so bad.

HE COULD NOT CONTROL HIMSELF AND BUCKED LIKE A BULL STRAIGHT INTO THE BUSHES. The bushes are to the right of the stairs when leaving my front door. How on earth he managed to jump in such an aggressive angle is beyond me.

I think I stood there for a solid 5 seconds in complete silence halfway admiring what I just saw and feeling fearful.

**You unleashed a side of him that even he can’t control. Your dog has literally blacked out in excitement and anything you could possibly yell or do has absolutely ZERO power. You are powerless. And it is not his fault.

I decide to RUN to my car as he’s running in wicked fast circles on the front lawn. I figured I could get my shorts out and be back to the front step quick enough to make coming inside the house look fun…


The second he heard my car door shut he froze.

**Oh, hell no. And how did you stop that fast without blowing all four of your knees out???

Stupidly, I’m like, “Hey, buddy… those were some great circles. Want to show me them inside the house?”


**Deep breath. Deep breath… you chose to trust him… don’t kill him… you love him… deep breath… this is why you don’t want children… breath…

I stood there contemplating my next move. He just sprinted into the woods. I felt like that was better than towards the busy street. So, I just decided to let him have a few minutes of freedom.

I go back inside and put my shorts down then hunt down his favorite cinnamon apple cheerios and grab his leash. As I’m walking around my townhouse all I hear is the sound of leaves being thrown everywhere. I see my crazy crack head dog gracefully jumping over fallen down trees and over the creek that runs through my backyard. His dark chocolate coat was so mesmerizing against the fall colors.

In that moment, I couldn’t hold onto the frustration I felt. He was so happy. As he sprang back and forth he kept looking at me in pure joy!! Ah. Love that little crack head.