15 missed lifts later…

“You know you’re out of shape when you can’t pull supermarket shopping carts apart.”

I had a funny conversation with some friends the other day about hard days in the gym. They said sometimes you have those days where you have to count down how many more times you have to actually touch the barbell before you get to go home.

Today I found myself counting down.

The end goal is just to finish. It may not be pretty. In fact, most days aren’t.

In my world I am realizing that there are more bad days than good in the world of weightlifting. As the saying goes, “Without the bad days, you wouldn’t appreciate the good.”… or something like that.

Right now, I just really wish I had callouses. Maybe I’ll ask Santa.

Damn these lusciously soft woman hands!

I just got a really gross image in my head of a box full of callouses. Haha the Krampus edition.


 I need to make sure I specify that I want my own callouses on my own hands.

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