Aliens can’t be trusted

In my dream last night I was just a child. Let’s say 7ish.

I was at a playground alone (go figure) and it was raining (of course). There was one of those big circular things that had 5 or so large handles where multiple children could hold onto while someone spun it.  Well, I got on it and I grabbed on one of the poles while I used one foot to push with so I could spin. Let me remind you- I was alone. I was getting upset that I couldn’t get it to spin very fast so I started to pout. I walked around it wishing I had other friends to play with. And before too long I heard the bushes rustling behind me. I whipped my head around hoping it was someone to play with… no one came out of the bush so I  loudly asked who was there. A voice called out to me and said, “I’m very tall so please don’t be scared. I’m also wearing an alien mask because I’ve always wanted to be one.” I giggled back and said, “me too”. The tall figure came out from the bushes wearing a beat to shit clown outfit with an alien mask. His outfit was poorly fitted and what use to be white had turned into a watery mud color. He didn’t have any big silly shoes on. He didn’t have crazy clown hair either. What he did have was that giant ruffle thing that goes around their neck. The ends of his sleeves and pants had the ruffles to match as well. He walked towards me very slowly telling me that he was my friend- and I believed him (stupid baby version of me). As he got closer I could see his mask more clearly. It looked brand new. It was gray with a giant eyeball in the middle. It looked a little big on his face and it made me feel more comfortable for some reason. Maybe because it was loose and silly looking? Before long he was standing right in front of me and he reached out his hand and asked me if I wanted to hold it and skip around (real life me doesn’t even know if I can skip) and play. His mask kept falling down but he never hesitated to make sure it covered his face. While we were running around he fell down and I ran quickly to his side and used my finger to push his mask up before it came completely off and I told him I thought it was silly (I think silly was my favorite word when I was little) and he should take it off. He stood up and he asked me if I liked to be scared… I said, yeah (IDIOT). He held out both of his hands with his palms up and asked me to hold them. He said, “I’m going to spin you in a circle while I hold your hands, is that ok?” “sure”, I sad. He smiled at me and told me I had to close my eyes and I could only open them when he told me to while we were spinning. I felt my whole body shake at this point. I think the fear I felt in that moment in my dream passed over to my sleeping body because I felt my core shake. So, he begins to spin me and I immediately began to cry. I screamed at him to stop and his laugh got louder and louder. He said it was too late for me to stop spinning and I had to follow his rules. And before I knew it he said, “open”.

I opened my eyes and saw the most terrifying face I had ever seen (or even dreamed of at this point). His skin looked like wax that was on the verge of melting. He had sores covering his face and one eye that drooped lower than the other and it looked as if it was slanting in towards his face. He had faint traces of clown makeup on. If you looked close enough to the lines around his lips you could see where the old red paint had seeped deep into his skin. His teeth were snaggled and sharp. His tongue was split down the middle and the left half of his tongue was wrapped around his canine. His gums looked like they had tiny crystals that were starting to form and I couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from. He was very strong. It didn’t take him long to pull me closer to him as he spun me and right when I reached his face…

I woke up.

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