Cupcake War

What do you NOT do when you’re counting macros? Watch the food channel. Currently having a war between my stomach and my head… maybe my heart, too. Can someone please bring me cupcakes that look like Christmas trees or bumble bees? Maybe ones that have the yummy filling? Also, I need you to lie to […]

Killin’ Time

I am officially the worst at trying to find things to do while I kill time. I have all these “great ideas” that never seem to work out… I had about an hour to kill last Thursday before class and I decided to run into Target to look around. At the end of most of […]

Car Door

I really needed to get my running shorts out of my car. My favorite pair would be trapped somewhere in that portable closet. The day is so nice. Maybe if I run out to my car really quick I can let Mattis out and see how he does. If he does decided to run away […]


Quietly watching Modern Family minding my own business when out of the blue someone says, “Misty, you are being so aggressive.” **What. **Ok? **I haven’t said a single word in about 25 minutes. I think I’m being the complete opposite of “aggressive” I’m not even laughing out loud. I haven’t even looked at you or asked you a question. […]

Shamrock Stroll 2016

I have never participated in any St. Patrick’s Day festivals in my three years of living in Maryland and this year I was fortunate enough to be able to go. Three words… I REGRET NOTHING May I have two blonde beers, please? The bartender put 4 green beers in front of me… no one is […]

Death by stairs

I like to skip steps when I go up them. Yes, it’s childish, I know. Any time I am faced with a set of stairs I try to step up every other one. 8 times out of 10 I miss and my shin goes slamming into a step. I have to then sit down and […]